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A straight-forward and easy to handle piece of software that can help you calculate the accurate value of the equivalent annual annuity of an investment

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finCalcs EAA Calculator is a lightweight and reliable program which aims to assist you in figuring out which business endeavor to favor based on their equivalent annual annuity, enabling you to make the correct choice.

The purpose of EAA

Equivalent annual annuity, also familiar through its acronym EAA, is a calculation approach that is generally used in businesses based on capital budgeting to compare two projects with different life spans.

The project with a larger EAA is preferred, due to the ability to obtain an investment return sooner than in the case of its counterpart. While the result is quite useful, it is not that easy to determine, because of the complex formula that it works with. To this end, finCalcs EAA Calculator was created.

Portable app benefits

The tool is very straight-forward and simple to understand, even for computer novices, who have no previous experience with such software. After downloading the file, you can just unzip the archive and run finCalcs EAA Calculator, as it is not necessary to install it on your system.

Moreover, because it does not go through an installation process, you will not have to deal with any registry entries on your computer, which means it can be removed through regular deletion. Similarly, it can be placed and run from a USB drive, allowing you to use it wherever you need.

Enter the necessary details and obtain your result

finCalcs EAA Calculator requires you to input the cash flows for the targeted investment, signaling negative values with a 'minus' (-), but otherwise using no other special characters, such as currency symbols, because the utility does not support such features. You cannot import the data, you can simply paste it from clipboard or type it yourself.

Additional required information is the 'Finance Rate', the 'Reinvestment Rate', 'Distribution', 'Annuity Type', 'Period', 'Tax Rate' or 'Compounding'. The 'Help' section of the program features detailed instructions for each field. Finally, you can click on the 'Calculate' button to generate your result, which at best can be copied to another window, but you cannot export the entire operation to a file, for instance

Handy means of calculating an investment's EAA

To summarize, finCalcs EAA Calculator is an efficient and easy to use piece of software that is meant to offer you the proper method of determining the equivalent annual annuity value accurately and make a decision on the project that you intend to pursue.

finCalcs EAA Calculator was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 6th, 2014
finCalcs EAA Calculator - finCalcs EAA Calculator is a simple utility which can help you estimate the equivalent annual annuity for an investment

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