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With this straight-forward and intuitive utility, you can swiftly calculate the equivalent annual cost for your business investments

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finCalcs EAC Calculator is a basic, yet useful program which was created to serve financial engineers and other business-related professions in determining the value of the equivalent annual cost for a certain financial endeavor.

The function of EAC

The equivalent annual cost, or simply-put EAC, is a value which is generally used for figuring out the sum of money that is required yearly by a certain investment of an indefinite duration.

While this value serves to compare two different businesses in order to make a calculated choice in terms of cost-effectiveness between the two, EAC can also indicate the financial health of a company at large.

The formula itself for obtaining an investment's EAC might not be exceedingly complicated, but finCalcs EAC Calculator provides users with the quickest means of generating it, as it requires minimal user effort.

Calculate your EAC

The simple and rather unimpressive interface of the application is quite practical, being split into two 'Input' sections, with the first in the shape of a panel where users can type or paste the cash flows necessary to the investment.

Similarly, the second section features several fields that enable users to enter the 'Finance Rate' along with several other factors, such as 'Tax Rate', 'Distribution', 'Annuity Type', 'Period', 'Reinvestment Rate' or 'Compounding'. Subsequently, users can click 'Calculate' and obtain their result. The entire operation cannot be exported to a file or saved; at best, users can manually copy each element to a file for further work.

The advantages of a portable utility

An added benefit of finCalcs EAC Calculator is the fact that is does not need installation, meaning users can carry it with them on a USB drive or other portable memory devices, being able to run it on all compatible systems without an issue. Additionally, users will not be bothered with registry entries, allowing them to remove the tool from their computer just by deleting it.

Useful financial instrument

All in all, finCalcs EAC Calculator proves to be a handy piece of software that can solve a very important equation for business professionals, by letting them learn the value of the equivalent annual cost of their investments in just a few clicks.

finCalcs EAC Calculator was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 6th, 2014
finCalcs EAC Calculator - finCalcs EAC Calculator is an efficient tool developed to offer you the means of determining the equivalent annual cost of an investment

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