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A piece of software that is especially created for small and large businesses that need a way to manage their accounts and keep accurate reports

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iGreen accounting is an application developed for those who need to manage assets, liability, equity, income, cost of sales and expenses which are tied to theirs or another business. The application works with the use of a database which can be tailored to the needs of multiple companies.

A simple interface for basic needs

iGreen accounting displays a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to view and edit data but for those who have no prior experience with an application of this type, they will have a rather hard time figuring out how everything works.

The application allows you to create a database for each company you want to work with. You can specify their name, phone and email address, along with their website URL and other details.

After you load or create a new business identity, you are granted access to the main window of the application from where you can generate journal entries and edit accounts.

Manage statement reports and accounts

iGreen accounting provides the means to create as many accounts as you wish with details about their issue date, specifications, debit and credit values, along with other details. When it comes to account type selection, the application offers a large number of them.

You are free to choose from main categories such as ‘Assets’, ‘Liability’, ‘Equity’, ‘Income’, ‘Cost of Sales’ and ‘Expenses’, each containing its own number of subcategories and entries. Every account can be customized to fit your company profile. It’s possible to change their name and code, as well as delete them entirely from the database.

A tool that provides everything you need, except information

iGreen accounting offers you all that you need to manage accounts in detail as well as export their data in XLS, PDF and DOC formats. What it doesn’t offer is a tutorial or a decent amount of documentation that you can use to understand the application better in order to be able to use it to its full potential.

iGreen accounting was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on October 26th, 2014
iGreen accounting - iGreen accounting enables you to manage fiances by creating payment records, lists and statements.iGreen accounting - From the General Journal Entry section you are able to add rows to a new journal list, customize them and post the voucher.iGreen accounting - Accessing the Journals list window, the user can easily view and edit voucher contents.iGreen accountingiGreen accountingiGreen accountingiGreen accountingiGreen accountingiGreen accounting

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