Braille TrueType Fonts

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A collection of three Braille fonts





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Braille TrueType Fonts have been developed over a period of years, at least as far back as Duxbury's first Macintosh-based product release in 1989, as component parts of many of its products for braille translation and word-processing.

Currently, all of Duxbury's principal products include the fonts in some form. So, if you have any of those products installed, you may already have these fonts, in which case this freeware distribution will not be of use to you.

A braille font is a way to "convert" ordinary text characters into dot patterns, which is how the Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) can display braille dots and print them out. Even if you do not need braille translation or editing software, it is possible that braille fonts would be useful for some purposes.
Last updated on April 13th, 2012
Braille TrueType Fonts - This is the Braille fontBraille TrueType Fonts - This image depicts the SimBraille font.Braille TrueType Fonts - here you can view the Swell Braille font.

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