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Simple solution for creating the necessary graphic text code that can be copied into the website for a custom appearance of the text

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Writing code for creating a website can be a tedious job sprinkled with all sorts of routines that can sometimes be automated.

Easy installation process

Font Generator is a simple tool that can help create the necessary code for custom graphic text. The application is easy to install and any user, beginner or more experienced, should find it easy to handle.

The main screen is simple and to the point, with no bells and whistles attached. All supported functions are available in plain sight and there are no hidden configuration options.

Wizard-driven interface

The program sets the root of the website automatically, but there is the possibility to change it. Also, a different font directory can be chosen than the default one.

As soon as these details have been specified you can proceed to typing the text; line breaks can be introduced with a single click.

Font Generator includes a couple of graphic fonts, but you can always point it to a custom one that provides better results. Additionally, it offers the option to define the size of the font, on a scale running from zero to 100%.

The final step of the job is to actually build the code for the font and to copy it into the website; modifications can be applied straight into the web page that provides both the code and a preview of the graphic text.


Font Generator does not require too much computer knowledge to be handled properly. It includes a wizard-driven interface that guides you through every step of the operation leaving little chance for messing things up.

Font Generator was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 22nd, 2014
Font Generator - In three basic steps you may create the HTML page including the text font created with the help of this programFont Generator - The generated code may be easily and quickly saved or directly copied and pasted to be used in your website

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