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Loading Fonts will make these fonts available Temporary





Simple program to Load Unload Fonts. This is not like the Install Uninstall procedure which is a permanent alteration to the system.

When loading a font, it will become available only for the programs accessible in the current Windows session.

· Drag and drop the font file from File Manager (Explorer etc.) on the LOAD Button to Load or click the Load button to select font files.
· To Unload select the font in the List View and click the Unload Button.
· To Hide/Show List press the Hide Window Button
· You can save the list of loaded fonts to a text file this is so when another session of windows is started and the user wants to load the same fonts, then this file serves as a record of which fonts were loaded before.
Say you are working on a project named "Proj01" and one or two fonts are loaded in addition to the Permanently installed fonts, you can save the list as Proj01.txt. Next time to work on Proj01 the same fonts can be loaded by loading Proj01.txt.
Buttons are provided to Save and Load these text files. Of course all this assumes that font files are in the same location all the time.
· Pressing the "Font Registry View" Button will cause the List to change, showing the Font Information in the Registry. When a Font is permanently installed a Reference is made in the registry pointing to the font path, usually C:\Windows\Fonts , but could be anywhere.
This check validates the Path(Location) of each registered font. No option is available to rectify this, Only informative. It's up to the user.
Last updated on October 18th, 2011

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