Ghost Monitor

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Uses the connected webcams and microphones for ghost hunting by capturing images or video footage when the camera detects motion

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Ghost Monitor is a video surveillance tool designed to help you capture images by using the camera as a motion detector. As the name clearly suggests, its main purpose is to detect ghosts and other paranormal events.

The application features a simple interface that allows you to check the image captured by the camera and the current motion level. It is designed to start recording when a movement is detected in order to minimize the disk space required by continuously recording the video feed.

From the Settings window you can specify whether you need to capture video or still images when a motion is detected. You can also configure the app to automatically take a snapshot at a fixed time interval and save it to a local folder.

That sums up the program’s features which is rather simple compared with other surveillance tools available on the market. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust the motion sensitivity or the video quality in order to optimize the output files.

However, this camera aims to help you detect ghosts, which is a completely different activity, mostly ignored by other programs. If you are just beginning to look for ghosts, the developer’s page provides you with some tips on how to do it properly.

During our tests, no ghosts or paranormal manifestations were captured on camera. However, ghost hunting takes a lot of time and patience. Unless you have a Ouija board or live in a haunted house, it may take a while before finding any trace of supernatural activities in the recorded movies.

If you want to capture images with paranormal events, Ghost Monitor is one of the software solutions that starts recording when a motion is detected by your camera. Although it lacks important features to be used for surveillance purposes, it might be good enough to catch an occasional ghost roaming through your apartment.

Ghost Monitor was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 8th, 2014
Ghost Monitor - This is the main window of Ghost Monitor where you can start recording your webcam activityGhost Monitor - Ghost Monitor will offer you the possibility to view the webcam's FPS or disabled themGhost Monitor - This window will offer you the possibility to select the location for the captured images and videos

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