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With the aid of this application, you will be able to create custom designed T-Shirts and other personalized gifts just like pros do

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Hanes T-ShirtMaker Plus Deluxe is an innovative and versatile application that can help users print their favorite graphic designs on t-shirts. It can assist in the making of personalized gifts, souvenirs, jerseys or promotions.

Hanes T-ShirtMaker Plus Deluxe is your own personal clothing workshop, where you can let your imagination come up with unique and appealing graphic models that can be printed on a t-shirt in a few simple steps.

It all comes down to choosing and personalizing the design, then printing it onto a piece of Hanes T-ShirtMaker Easy-Peel paper and transferring the model onto the shirt with the aid of a regular iron.

Moreover, Hanes T-ShirtMaker Plus Deluxe is easy to work with, therefore it address virtually all audiences, regardless of the level of computer know-how. You can start off a new design by selecting from the wide array of built-in templates that can be further customized to match your taste.

The application comes with an extremely rich collection of cliparts , out-of-the-box designs and a great deal of effects that can be combined to produce the most amazing results. You can also make use of the styles and fonts embedded in the program and apply warping filters for bending the text in several ways.

The output designs can be printed not only on t-shirts, but on any piece of clothing; alternatively, it is also possible to design labels and place them on jars, bottles, gift cards and any other object.

To sum up, Hanes T-ShirtMaker Plus Deluxe comes across a rather exclusive application which can arrange for you to create unique pieces of clothing that send out personalized messages. Fun is the first word that comes to mind when working with it.

Hanes T-ShirtMaker Plus Deluxe was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 5th, 2014
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