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A small and fun application that calculates the love compatibility

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Love Actually - Love Calculator is a lightweight and fun utility designed to help you find out the compatibility rate between you and your partner.

The application is a simple love calculator that you can use to test your suitability with someone. Its interface is user-friendly, as you just have to fill in some personal information in order to determine the percentage chance of a successful relationship.

This love calculator displays two panes, in which you can fill in the two names and their corresponding birth dates. Then you can find out the suitability percent with just a click. In seconds, you are able to view the compatibility rate, as well as a short comment on your relationship. The score range is from 0 to 100%. Obviously, the higher it is the better.

In addition to this, if you want to calculate your suitability together based only on your names, the program lets you disable the birth date function. Just write a name in the specific fields and test the compatibility level.

Furthermore, the software offers you the possibility to calculate the compatibility percentage between multiple couples. The names of the two partners, together with the corresponding rate are recorded in a separate table. You can use this feature to compare the rates of multiple couples.

Love Actually - Love Calculator can only calculate the suitability percentage based on criteria as your names and birth dates, not allowing you to select the sign or character features. Still, it is a tool that you can easily use to have fun with your friends and compute the probability on a successful relationship between two people.

Love Actually - Love Calculator was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 9th, 2012
Love Actually - Love Calculator - The main window of Love Actually - Love Calculator allows users to add the necesary information in order to calcultate their chances.

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