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An application that allows you to quickly and easily find all the possible words that you can create in a Scrabble game using the existing letters

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You don’t have to be a grammar enthusiast to use words. There’s not even the need to write them. Words are used everywhere, and even caught a place in entertainment under many forms. One in particular is a popular multiplayer game, namely Scrabble, and if you’re having trouble or need some practice, then ScrabBot might be the right companion.

Quick setup and rich theme library

Needless to say that the application takes you through a short setup process, so that it can properly spread files through your system. You need to choose the dictionary, with two major ones for English.

If by the end of your tests you don’t find the application appealing, you’re sure to be left at least with a solid impression made by visuals. Besides the charming default theme, there’s a drop-down menu with a stunning amount of different styles, color themes, and variations to try out.

Accurate results and definition search

When you finally found the one you like, it’s time to work on functionality. It’s pretty easy to use, even if you never even heard of Scrabble. Requirement fields let you specify the amount and type of letters on rack, existing letters to link to, or entire word sequences to attach to in case you want to place a formation somewhere in particular.

Hitting the Start Search button reveals a breathtaking amount of possibilities in a separate panel. Stored in tabs, you find words of length between 2 and 15 characters. You can either have them copied to the clipboard or searched online in popular, trustworthy dictionaries, such as Cambridge.

Another built-in feature opens up a new window fitted with a solution board. Similar in functionality, the whole window lets you define parameters to find letter combinations, but this time being more game-oriented.

A few last words

On an ending note, ScrabBot might be regarded by most as the ultimate Scrabble cheating machine. However, its true potential is not to be overlooked, with a powerful response time, accurate results, and dictionaries that show you the meaning in case you don’t trust in the application’s features. Using it for practice might just make you a Scrabble champion, or at least enrich your vocabulary.

ScrabBot was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on June 12th, 2015
ScrabBot - From the main window of the application you are able to enter the letters on the rack and search for word combinations.ScrabBot - This is the ScrabBot Soluce window, where you can enter the letters you want to play and find the definition of the word.ScrabBot - Accessing the Options menu, users are able to choose between the English SOWPODS and TWL06 dictionaries.

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