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A software utility you can use to handle Carrera Control Units and set up various race types directly from your computer, as well as monitor the lap timings

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Slot racing is a fun activity for every age category, although you can get quite serious about it if you enjoy competition. Thus, you can transform the hobby into a competitive racing game, by creating your own tournaments, races and even keeping track of drivers and various car models.

Create races and car databases

Slotraser is a software utility designed to help you create and customize slotcar races, by allowing you to add your own drivers, cars and tracks. Thus, you can create your very own tournaments and keep track of the best lap times, as well as monitor multiple Carrera Control Units at the same time and receive information about their racing characteristics.

The entire circuit can be connected to your computer using the desired protocol, so that the application can detect and receive data from the available slot cars. In addition, it can also monitor both analog and digital drivers, which can easily be stored into customizable databases, along with information about their track record and activity.

Include custom race penalties

In order to encourage discipline, you can include a wide variety of penalties for certain actions, which hurt the rating and the overall lap time of the drivers that do not adhere to the rules. To punish a driver, all you have to do is make use of the designated keyboard shortcut, so that you can quickly react without having to navigate the interface or take your eyes of the race.

Another useful feature built into the application is the parental control, which enables you to restrict the time your children spend playing, In addition, you can also set up a password protection for the settings menu, as well as require it whenever the application is started.

A fully-customizable slot race creator

Despite the fact that the user interface might be a bit cluttered and disorienting at times, Slotraser is a powerful and handy utility, although you do require the appropriate hardware in order to make full use of its capabilities.

Slotraser was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 15th, 2014
Slotraser - You can access the drivers list and set up the race from the main window of the application.Slotraser - You can choose the training, qualification and race RBS, as well as enable the auto scale.Slotraser - You can select the total number of laps, as well as various other information about the race.Slotraser - screenshot #4Slotraser - screenshot #5Slotraser - screenshot #6Slotraser - screenshot #7Slotraser - screenshot #8Slotraser - screenshot #9Slotraser - screenshot #10

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