Tennis Speed Radar for Windows 8

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A fun and easy to use application for Windows 8 that enables you to calculate the speed of every recorded tennis shot and display the result for you

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Tennis Speed Radar is a fun and dynamic piece of software that was created specifically for systems running under Windows 8, as it can only installed from the Store. Its main function is to help you determine the speed of a tennis shot from a recorded video.

Intuitive and practical interface

The interface of the program is fairly simple and easy to handle, enabling you to quickly load the file that you want to use as source material, bearing in mind the fact that it only supports MP4 format files.

It features a built-in video player where you can render the movie, then mark the moment when the tennis player hits the ball, being able to manually fine-tune the moment, by means of your mouse cursor and the provided buttons.

Load your video, choose the ‘Hit’ moment and discover the shot speed

To get started, it would be best that you first configured Tennis Speed Radar’s ‘Preferences’, choosing the ‘Unit System’ between metric and imperial, as well as inputting the height of the player, to allow for a better estimation of the speed.

Subsequently, you click on the ‘Open Video’ button and browse through your system, locating the targeted file and loading it into Tennis Speed Radar, then begin rendering it. When the player hits the ball, you can click on the ‘Hit’ button, which will pause it and allow you to fine-tune the exact moment when the ball was touched, letting you save the fragment and add a comment, or share it with friends in the online environment.

Tennis Speed Radar can help you determine the shot initial and average speed, but also the rebound speed, enabling you to learn exactly how fast your favorite players can hit the ball with their racket.

Interesting tool for discovering the performance of a tennis player

All in all, Tennis Speed Radar is an entertaining and useful application that aims to provide you with the ability of estimating the speed of tennis shots from recorded videos, either of famous players or yourself.

Tennis Speed Radar for Windows 8 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 20th, 2014
Tennis Speed Radar for Windows 8 - The main window of Tennis Speed Radar for Windows 8 allows you to select and fine tune the ball hit to estimate the speedTennis Speed Radar for Windows 8 - Right-clicking in the main window enables you to open a new video, or list the shots you have savedTennis Speed Radar for Windows 8 - From the Preferences section, you can adjust the height of the person taking the shot as well as the unit system

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