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A lottery utility software for use with Powerball and Mega Millions Lotto





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The Lottery Picker is unique in many ways; like it's built-in ability to automatically downloads and installs all drawings for the Powerball & Mega Millions games. There is no third party download site involved. The new drawings are downloaded directly from the lotteries website as soon as they are posted.

These can be checked for and downloaded automatically at program start or, manually check for and automatically installed. Or you may manually enter each lottery drawing if your Internet connection isn't working for some reason.

Another feature unique to The Lottery Picker is it's built-in ability to Compare your saved numbers to the database numbers and highlights your matching numbers in RED, then calculates your winnings by the combination of numbers you matched for each individual number and gives you a cumulative total of all matching numbers.

Folks this is a massive time-saver if you play lots of lottery numbers as I do. Imagine trying to check 200 or more numbers for one drawing. This program can do it in a fraction of a second with 100% accuracy!

Yet another great feature of The Lottery Picker is it's outstanding ability to print your numbers right onto your Play-Slips. This was not built into the program as a general printing feature that you will find in other programs where the user is responsible for spending days trying to setup the and calibrate the print alignment.

This program was programmed for printing using each States official Powerball or Mega Millions Play-Slips. So when you get it, it is ready to print for your State immediately! Please note that although I have Slips from every State for testing, and have each State pre-calibrated, you might need to calibrate a small amount due to the differences in printers and the drivers that make them work.

Another featured you won't find in another lottery software is the ability to Import number files that have been generated in other programs such as Microsoft Excel. YES, if you use another program to generate your numbers but like the features of The Lottery Picker such as checking, or printing your numbers then just Import them.

On another note, you can also Export the numbers that you generate in The Lottery Picker for use in other programs or just to archive them for later use. It's up to you.

This can be a deep subject, and all lottery programs do this using their own algorithms to output what the authors of the programs think has the highest probability of being drawn within the next X number of drawings. This program is no different. The Lottery Picker is able to generate numbers using a multitude of different algorithms from the very simple, to very complex.

Including finding what it thinks are the "hot balls" and spiting them out randomly in rows of 6. Averaging as well so many other methods. This is something one will have to play with to feel the full power of the program. Or you can simply enter your own favorite numbers manually. Save your generated numbers to a file and save as many files as you like.

The Lottery Picker comes preloaded with the full database of all past drawings for both the Powerball & Mega Millions lotteries. These databases go all the way back to the inception of the lotteries. A nice feature added to The Lottery Picker is the Date Range Loader.

Which can load any specific part of the databases based on a specified Date Range you specify. Then all calculations made using the program will be generated using your predefined Date Range. You can even have The Lottery Picker load with a specific starting date each time the program is started.

The Lottery Picker is a very powerful program that can not only make your lottery playing more profitable, but it can also take the hassle out of playing and speed up many of those time consuming task associated with playing many numbers with it's many useful tools.

Harness the power of The Lottery Picker to learn how to win the Lotto. The Lottery Picker has quickly become the leading competitor in the lottery program market. We have what the others are shooting for! See for yourself.
Last updated on May 21st, 2015
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