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mpowerplayer is a Java-based desktop application that allows you to browse mobile games before deciding to purchase them. Each of the featured games is accompanied by a playable demo, which means you get to try a bunch of them from one single platform and make an informed decision.

It’s difficult and frustrating when you’re trying to navigate to mobile games websites from your cell phone and it’s even more upsetting that some of them don’t even provide the possibility to play a demo first. If the aforementioned situations describe your experience, it’s time you get acquainted with mpowerplayer.

This application is a digital pub that allows you to try out games, as well as to purchase and send them to your phone in just a few clicks. It doesn’t require installation, but a compulsory requirement is Java. Bottom line is that you’ll have it up and running in under a minute.

Once launched, you are welcomed by a friendly and comfortable environment that hosts hundreds of games. You can select your browsing criteria in just a click; thus, you can explore all titles, new releases, the most popular entries or by category (Action, Adventure, Arcade, Puzzle, Sports, etc.).

You can also use the integrated search function to look for a specific game. As mentioned, all games are featured together with a five-minute demo that can be played mostly with the aid of your keyboard. Each selected game presents itself with a short description, name of the development team, homepage and buy link.

In conclusion, mpowerplayer provides you with a great deal of information regarding each of the items. It’s easy on the yes, addresses all user categories and doesn’t require installation. The point of interest is the game demo, which gives you a better idea of what you’re about to purchase.

mpowerplayer was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 22nd, 2013
mpowerplayer - mpowerplayer provides users with a useful and intuitive interface that enables them to browse games by category or titlempowerplayer - From the dedicated window, users have the possibility to play the selected game

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