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A complex and interesting application that enables you to create digital versions for your railway models and fully customize their appearance

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3D Train Studio is a comprehensive and reliable software solution developed to provide users who are passionate about trains, railways and related objects, with an efficient means of designing their own 3D models on the computer, before transposing them into reality.

Visible system resource consumption

Subsequent to an uneventful installation process, users can launch the program and begin working with it, from the shortcut that it places on the desktop.

The tool is fairly heavy and tends to hog system resources, so on less capable computers, users might notice significantly reduced reaction speeds not only on 3D Train Studio, but their entire computer, which can become fairly frustrating.

The main window of the utility enables users to start a new project, browse through the existing ones or access the 'Community' and view other people's ideas which they can implement themselves.

Start projects from a template and begin adding objects to customize its appearance

When creating a new project, users will first need to select a template from the several available options, allowing them to choose a more complicated or a simpler design to start with. Using the mouse scroll wheel, users can zoom in and out of the model, in order to get a more detailed view.

Afterward, users can begin adding various elements into their design as well as customize existing features from the template. The objects that can be inserted in the railway model are grouped into categories, specifically 'Buildings', 'Air', 'Water', 'Railroad', 'Scenery', 'Street' and 'Extra', each comprising countless sub-groups with numerous items.

For instance, in the case of the 'Scenery' category, users can work with 'Panels', 'Humans and Animals', 'Vegetation', 'Bridges', 'Tunnels' and various exterior decorations; at the same time, under 'Railroad', users can find 'Tracks', 'Track Vehicles' and 'Railroad Engineering' elements. All of these items feature a preview window accessible by hovering with the mouse cursor over them.

After completing the design of their railway model, users can save the project and even share it with the 'Community', while also being able to print it, on condition that they have a printing device connected to their system.

Useful utility for train and railway enthusiasts

To conclude, 3D Train Studio is an advanced and intuitive application designed for train hobbyists, as it offers them all the necessary tools and components to create complex railway models then start bringing them to life.

3D Train Studio was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 4th, 2015
3D Train Studio - The main window of 3D Train Studio allows you to start a new project or browse through the existing ones3D Train Studio - The New Project window enables you to select the template you wish to use in as a base for your project3D Train Studio - By hovering with your mouse over the available options, you can preview them in a larger window3D Train Studio3D Train Studio3D Train Studio3D Train Studio3D Train Studio3D Train Studio3D Train Studio3D Train Studio3D Train Studio3D Train Studio

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