Access Grader

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An automated marking program that compares student Microsoft Access databases.





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Access Grader is an automated grader that can be used by teachers in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Access application classes.

Access Grader compares a correct version of a database with a student’s version and records the errors in an Access table. Access Grader is a Microsoft Access application.

Access Grader extracts attributes from the student database objects and the instructor's correct version of the database. These attributes are placed into one of five different Access tables: Tables, Indexes, Relations, Fields, or Queries.

After attributes are extracted from both the instructor's correct database and a student's database, the resulting tables are compared. Missing records (attributes) are first detected and recorded. Next, common records are compared a field at a time.

Fields that differ are recorded in the E R R O R S table. Access Grader includes reports and a tool for plagiarism detection
Last updated on August 2nd, 2014
Access Grader - This is the main window of Access Grader where you need to select the two source files you want to compare