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Personal ovulation calculator of menstrual cycles

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Whether you’re trying to have a baby or avoid getting pregnant, an accurate calendar is needed to keep track of the fertile days. Women’s Advanced Calendar is an app created specifically for all the ladies who want either to achieve or avoid conception.

The program comes with a nice interface, with multiple calendars and a few panels with various important details, such as information about the day of the period, the fertility stage, as well as a guide to all the various colors that adorn the months.

Thus, you can set the goal from the get-go – to avoid getting pregnant or to conceive. The program even allows you to specify the desired gender of the baby.

Women’s Advanced Calendar requires that you input data about the date when the most recent menstrual cycle started, in order to calculate which days of the month are fertile. Furthermore, although the average menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days, this number is unique to each woman, and it can be adjusted from the interface.

Once this data is filled in, the software can calculate the days when you are ovulating and assign colors for each day in accordance to this. For example, white means that there are little chances of getting pregnant, while cream points out the days when it’s more likely to conceive.

The program enables you to mark down the days when you had intimate relations by adding little hearts. Furthermore, if having a baby is your target, the basal temperature can be added. Personal notes are also possible to make.

The app’s settings enable you to change the color theme and the language. Reminders can also be set for some events.

Overall, Women’s Advanced Calendar is a nice program that can be of great use, no matter what your goal is. Inexperienced users should find the software easy to work with, thanks to its intuitive interface.

Women's Advanced Calendar was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on May 28th, 2013
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