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A simple and efficient piece of software that enables you to design your own obstacle courses for dogs or other trainable animals

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Agility Course Designer is an intuitive and very easy to understand application whose main purpose is to offer you to means of creating your own dog courses, by adding various elements which the animal needs to go through, while also being timed.

The installation process of the program is not particularly noteworthy, and you can work with it right away. You can launch Agility Course Designer from the desktop shortcut that it creates and begin adding elements to your design.

The interface of the utility is very simple and straight-forward, featuring two buttons that allow you to switch between 'Obstacle Design' and 'Path Design'. In accordance with the chosen mode, Agility Course Designer displays a series of elements which you can add in your course.

The left side toolbar enables you to activate or deactivate the 'Green Background', while the other functions let you start a 'New Design', 'Delete Path' or 'Delete Selected'. Moreover, you can apply text onto the surface of your course, which can be edited however you please.

From the 'Obstacle Design' section of Agility Course Designer, you can add multiple objects which a dog is supposed to go through, such as 'Oxer Jump', 'Wall Jump', 'Long Jump, 'Wheel Jump', 'Weaving Poles', 'Tunnel', 'Collapsible Tunnel', 'Walk', 'Ramp', 'See-Saw' or 'Table'. Additionally, once you add the items, you can also adjust their length (using the blue dot) or their angle (using the green dot).

The 'Path Design' enables you to add 'Paths' in the form of 'Black Solid', 'White Solid', 'Black Dash' or 'White Dash'. Agility Course Designer lets you decide whether to hide the numbers or distances by pressing on the assigned button in the toolbar.

To summarize, Agility Course Designer is a useful and efficient software utility that can easily assist you in creating obstacle tracks for your dog or for competitions, which you can then reproduce in real life.

Agility Course Designer was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 6th, 2014
Agility Course Designer - The main window of Agility Course Designer allows you to start adding the elements of your obstacle courseAgility Course Designer - You can view the background as white or as a green field, whichever best suits your needsAgility Course Designer - The Course Setup window allows you to set the length, width and grid size of the obstacle course

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