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Astrology program that comes with support for comprehensive charts, positions of the stars, asteroids and planets, interpretations, and exporting options to plain text, BMP, WMF or PostScript files

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Astrolog32 is a Windows software application whose purpose is to help astrologers make use of charts, transits, progressions, synastry, and astrocartography for exploring various elements.

The program has been discontinued and replaced by StarFisher. You can still install the utility on your system and make use of its capabilities but you are not going to benefit from further updates.

Initial tweaks

The tool lets you choose the preferred region (American, European and Indian), set the default time zone, longitude, latitude and location, specify the saving directories, and choose between a simplified and advanced navigation mode.

If you are a beginner you can enable the simplified mode which includes basic functions. The advanced mode embeds all configuration settings but it’s a bit more difficult to master. The settings can be exported to a file so you can import them in your future projects.

Different view modes

Astrolog32 gives you the possibility to opt for a graphic or text viewing mode, make the background white or black, enable the monochrome display, and view colored text. In addition, you can show or hide the info bar, chart info, border and glyph labels.

Support for comprehensive charts

The program lets you generate all sorts of graphs, such as synastry, composite, time space midpoint, and weighed relationship. Plus, it is able to display elapsed time between charts, and aspect and midpoint grids/lists between two charts.

Interpretation features help you analyze natal positions and aspects, transits and midpoints, transiting aspects and sign/direction changes, as well as synastry charts.

Data displayed in a graph can be altered using different view modes, such as wheel, bi-wheel comparison, tri- and quad-wheels, aspect/midpoint, astrograph chart on a map of the world, graphic local horizon, polar horizon, Gauquelin wheel, orbit, ephemeris tracking, as well as calendar and biorhythms.

What’s more, you can plot positions among the astronomical constellations, smoothly animate charts through time at different rates, animate a rotating globe, and create PostScript graphic files. You can print or export the information to plain text, BMP or WMF file format, and set the current graph as your wallpaper.

Position, customization and other features

Astrolog32 provides information about the positions of the stars, asteroids and planets, and lets you specify your own positions for planets. You can get info about the time values of exact aspects among transiting planets, planets changing sign or direction, lunar phases and season changes, as well as solar, lunar and other returns.

An efficient guide for astrologists

All in all, Astrolog32 provides a thorough set of astrology-related features so you can’t get bored working with it. You may need extra time in order to decode its configuration settings.

Astrolog32 was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on March 31st, 2015

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