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Astrolog32 is a free feature-rich astrology software for Windows

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What's new in Astrolog32 2.0:

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Astrolog32 is a free feature-rich astrology software for Windows. Based on legendary Astrolog, it covers most tasks an astrologer is ever likely to need, including charts, transits, progressions, synastry, astro-cartography and more.


Position calculation features:
Positions of Sun through Pluto and the house cusps.
Positions of Chiron and the four main asteroids.
Positions of True and Mean nodes, Part of Fortune, Vertex, and East Point
Positions of Lilith.
Positions of the eight Uranian planets.
Positions of over 40 fixed stars.
Positions of over 170 Arabic parts and their formulas.
Option to use any or all of accurate 8400 year ephemeris.

Computation features:
Fourteen house systems.
Tropical and sidereal zodiac.
Specify zodiac starting position / ayanamsa.
Heliocentric and other planet centered charts.
Applying and separating aspects.
Parallel and contraparallel aspects.
Harmonic charts.
Solar charts with objects on Ascendant or Midheaven.
Decan positions.
Specify your own positions for planets.
Positions relative to ecliptic or equator.
Local horizon positions in prime vertical coordinates.

Display formats:
Generic position listing.
Wheel charts.
Aspect and midpoint grids.
List aspect configurations such as Yods.
List aspects sorted by influence.
List midpoints sorted by position.
Local horizon positions.
Times of planets rising and setting.
Solar system orbit charts.
Gauquelin sector charts.
Astro-graph charts.
List latitude crossings in astro-graph charts.
Generic monthly and yearly calendars.
Ephemeris tables.
Biorhythm charts.

Transit and progression features:
Secondary progressions and solar arc progressions.
Specify your own progression rate.
Times of exact aspects among transiting planets.
Times of planets changing sign or direction.
Times of lunar phases and season changes.
Times of exact aspects in a progressed chart.
Times of exact transit hits.
Times of transits to house cusps.
Times of solar, lunar, and other returns.
Times of exact transits from progressed planets.
List transits to natal planets within orb in influence order.
List aspects within orb among transiting planets in influence order.
Transits to composite and other no-time charts.

Relationship chart features:
Synastry charts.
Composite charts.
Time space midpoint charts.
Weighted relationship charts.
Display elapsed time between charts.
Aspect and midpoint grids between two charts.
Aspect and midpoint lists between two charts.
Automatic progressed to natal comparison chart.

Interpretation features:
Influence charts sorting planets and signs by power.
Interpret natal positions and natal aspects.
Interpret transits and midpoints.
Interpret transiting aspects and sign and direction changes.
Interpret aspects and midpoints between charts.
Interpret synastry charts.

Graphics features:
Graphic wheel chart.
Graphic bi-wheel comparison / transit chart.
Graphic tri-wheels and quad-wheels.
Graphic aspect / midpoint and relationship aspect / midpoint grids.
Graphic astro-graph chart on a map of the world.
Graphic local horizon, polar horizon, Gauquelin wheel, and orbit charts.
Graphic ephemeris tracking chart.
Graphic calendars and biorhythms.
Dispositor graph chart.
Plot positions among the astronomical constellations.
Smoothly animate charts through time at varying rates.
Continuously update chart to current moment now.
Animate a rotating globe.
Timed exposures for horizon and orbit charts.
Create PostScript graphic files.
Create graphic X11 and Windows bitmap files.
Create Windows metafiles.

Customization options:
Initialization file for default settings.
Choose what transiting and natal planets to include in charts.
Choose among 18 major and minor aspects, or define your own.
Specify aspect orbs.
Specify the maximum orb allowed to a planet.
Specify wider orbs for any planet.
Display zodiac positions to the nearest second.
DMY & MDY date formats and 24 hour & am/pm time formats.
Display locations in hours & minutes or 360 degree form.
Customize interpretation strings.
Customize colors.
Define your own orbital elements for planets.
Choose among graphic glyphs for certain signs and planets.
Specify influence of planets and planets when transiting.
Specify influence of houses and aspects.

Chart access features:
Quick charts for the current moment now.
Save and load chart time and place to file.
Save and load chart positions to file.
Save text output directly to file.
Relocate charts.
Cast a chart a specified time ahead of any chart.
Atlas containing coordinates of millions of places

System features:
Display text charts in Ansi color.
Paging for when text charts are more than a screenful.
Access environment variables.
Define macros for your most common operations.
Easy to use menu and dialog interface in the Windows version.

International features:
Multi-language support (language packs).
Custom font support.
Custom time and date format.

Last updated on December 22nd, 2006

Runs on: Windows All

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