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A simple and interesting piece of software that provides you with access to over twenty attunements which you can use to improve yourself

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Attunement Software is a lightweight application whose main function is to help you use healing energies on yourself and those around you.

Attunement is a spiritual practice, considered a sort of putative therapy, meaning that is has not been scientifically proven to actually have an effect. It is based on the idea that the human body is made up of various healing energies, which can be used to the assistance of others.

This utility features a rather basic and unimpressive interface, with a series of buttons, corresponding to a specific attunement, as it indicates on each one.

Attunement Software offers a variety of options, such as 'Kundalini Reiki', 'Prana', '7 Colors', 'Violet Flame', 'Magenta', 'Morganite Essence', 'White Light', '7 Chakra Source', 'The Love Light', 'Jade Essence', and many others.

After selecting the preferred option, you can enter the name of the person it is intended for and click on the 'Queue Attunement' button, which will prepare it for usage. Finally, a popup window will let you know when you can start working with the chosen attunement, how to begin and for how long it will last.

Moreover, Attunement Software offers you extensive documentation on the best use of energies, on condition that you have Internet access in order to be able to view the help files and instructions. However, when using such a tool, you should not expect over-the-top results, particularly since it has no scientific basis.

To summarize, Attunement Software is a helpful program designed specifically for those interested in the healing powers of energies.

Attunement Software was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
Attunement Software - Attunement Software is a simple application that features several attunements which you can use to improve yourselfAttunement Software - After selecting the preferred attunement, you can write the name of the recipient and click on the indicated button to beginAttunement Software - The dedicated window of the application enables you to start receiving the attunement

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