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With the help of this application, amateur and music hobbyists will be able to learn how to play various instruments such as the piano and the guitar

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BandzPro is a handy and reliable program whose main purpose is to provide assistance in learning to play instruments. It is aimed at amateurs who want to experience with a virtual instrument in live mode.

The program provides access to five different instruments, as follows: an acoustic grand piano, an electronic keyboard, two guitars (an acoustic and an electric one) and a drum kit. Learning how to play the instruments is an intuitive process especially that the application is extremely easy to use and pleasant to experiment with.

Following a short and complication free installation process, you can get acquainted with the program’s interface, which adopts a classy approach that impresses through both simplicity and elegance. The selection of the instrument you want to work with can be done from the lower part of the main window where all of the choices are listed neatly.

Additionally, you can choose the octave shift and set the application to display the keys and / or notes on top of the selected instrument. It is recommended that you run the application in full screen if you opt for these details, as this way, a higher degree of visibility will be provided.

Practicing with any of the instruments is a fun process; use your mouse or the keyboard to hit the chords and listen to the way they sound in live mode, so that you can assess your skills and your current level of knowledge.

In conclusion, BandzPro creates an enjoyable environment where learning to play an instrument is an entertaining experience. The program targets amateurs rather than professional users and this aspect is revealed by its slightly restricted feature set.

BandzPro was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 18th, 2014
BandzPro - The main window of the application lets you choose the instrument you want to play.BandzPro - The volume slider included in the application can be used to change the sound level.BandzPro - You can choose to display your notes and keys from the two available buttons.BandzPro - This is how you can learn to play the electric guitar or just have fun with this virtual instrument.BandzPro - The last window of the program gives you a set of drums that can put your skill level to the test.

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