Basic Guitar for Windows 8

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A lightweight and straightforward program designed for Windows 8 systems, which aims to walk you through the key-elements of playing a guitar

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Basic Guitar is a very simple and easy to handle piece of software which is meant to get you started in learning how to play the string instrument, offering you a series of initial information about it.

Clean and well-structured

The application features a very simple and lightweight interface, its main window grouping all the data that you can discover into well-structured categories.

Consequently, you can easily click on the section you wish to know more about, such as ‘Holding the Guitar’, ‘Strings’, ‘Strumming and Fingerstyle’, ‘Chords’ and others.

Discover basic notions about the guitar and how to play it

The ‘Parts of the Guitar’ window indicates and describes every component that makes up the instrument, such as the headstock, the bridge, the nut or the neck. Similarly, the ‘Holding a Guitar’ category features details about the position that your body and your hands should be in, in order to play properly; it does however lack explanatory images.

The ‘Strings’ window lets you discover how notes are represented on the guitar, while in the ‘Chords’ section, you can learn more about basic and minor chords, open suspended and 7th chords, as well as Barre chords on the A and the E string, each one offering information about the required finger position.

The ‘Tuning the Guitar’ category can teach you how to tune the instrument, but this too lacks the visual representation that might have been appreciated by inexperienced individuals. Finally, in the ‘Strumming and Fingerstyles’ section, you will learn how to generate the sounds you want, depending on how you move your digits on the strings.

A useful guitar teacher

In short, Basic Guitar for Windows 8 is a user-friendly and effective program that can prove quite practical for music novices, as you will be able to learn a set of elementary information about the instrument.

Basic Guitar for Windows 8 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 31st, 2014
Basic Guitar for Windows 8 - The main window of Basic Guitar for Windows 8 allows you to choose which part you want to know more aboutBasic Guitar for Windows 8 - The Parts of the Guitar section enables you to discover the components of the instrumentBasic Guitar for Windows 8 - From the Chords section, you can learn the open, minor, suspended and Barre guitar chordsBasic Guitar for Windows 8Basic Guitar for Windows 8Basic Guitar for Windows 8Basic Guitar for Windows 8Basic Guitar for Windows 8

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