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A software utility that enables you to learn how to play the bass guitar, by providing you with sound samples and helpful visual guides

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Although it is not the center of attention at concerts, the bass guitar is responsible for holding the entire song together and you cannot do without it when it comes to acoustic music. In addition, it also requires the same amount of practice and dedication as any other type of guitar, which makes it pretty difficult to learn by yourself.

Learn the bass guitar chords

BassChordsLite is a software utility that enables you to quickly get the hang of the bass guitar, by providing you with extensive visual representations and audio samples meant to show you how to play various notes and chords. Thus, you can learn how to hold your hands on the instrument and which strings to pluck in order to obtain the desired notes.

In addition, the application also displays buttons for every note that can be achieved on the guitar, as well as a music sheet on which you can view their order and placement. Right next to each note, you can also view an educational image depicting how to hold your fingers on the strings, so that you can use what you learn on the actual instrument.

Transpose note sequences and save favorites

Moreover, in case you want to start creating music, the application also allows you to create note sequences and play them back whenever you want. Hence, you can create comprehensive bass lines from scratch, by making use of the provided buttons and the transpose function integrated into the utility.

Once the sequence is finished, you are allowed to save it into the list of favorites and replay it whenever you desire, by selecting it from the list. Unfortunately, you cannot export the audio file to your computer, so you have to open the application each time you want to re-listen to it.

A simple and intuitive bass tutor

Thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use interface, BassChordsLite is a handy application to start learning how to play your bass guitar, especially since it also features a complete set of audio samples and visual guides for each chord.

BassChordsLite was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 22nd, 2014
BassChordsLite - You can view and play the desired notes into the main window of the application.BassChordsLite - The Favorites menu allows you to save compositions and view already existing ones.

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