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Sports management and prediction app that helps you create, manage and track the team statistics, predictions, scores, odds and player statistics of your favorite league and work with different betting tools

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Betting Genius is an advanced software application that is specialized in sports management and upcoming match predictions. Its aim is to help you analyze upcoming sports matches and make betting predictions based on teams, general statistics about lost or won matches, scores, past performance and player statistics.

It can be used for different sports, such as American and Australian football, basketball, baseball, football (soccer), handball, ice hockey, Rugby League and Rugby Union.

User interface and importing/exporting options

The GUI is not the utility’s strongest point as it looks a bit crowded and overwhelming at a first glance but this is only because the tool comes packed with a multitude of dedicated parameters.

It adopts a multi-tabbed layout for helping you work with different tables, such as Home and Away Stats, Overall Stats, Cross Table, Streak Table, Fixtures/Predictions, Scores and Players.

Data can be imported from MDB files, and you can also export information (e.g. home stats, away stats, scores, player stats) to HTML, CSV, DIF, XLS, RTF, SLK, TAB, TXT, or DOC file format, as well as copy data to the clipboard or print it.

Managing league data

Betting Genius gives you the possibility to keep track of home, away and overall statistics for each team. The team statistics table also enables you to add, edit or delete teams, as well as sort data in an ascending or descending order.

The cross table displays the scores of all played matches and the ones waiting to be played, while the streak table shows the winning, drawing and losing streaks of all teams at home and away.

What’s more, you can analyze and compare the past performance of one or two teams using the team comparison chart. You may compare teams in terms of home, away and overall statistics, and view the results in 2D and 3D or with the aid of different graph styles (bar, line, point or stair) and graph types (e.g. team rating, goal difference, performance, points).

Making predictions and viewing score details

Betting Genius reveals all upcoming matches, predictions and odds which can be sorted in an ascending or descending order and filtered by date, round and team. Additionally, you can add, edit and delete matches.

The application displays scores and predictions of all matches that have been played, and you are entitled to add, edit or delete matches, sort and filter data.

You can add players, assign an image to each player, edit, delete, sort and filter players, and download league files directly from the Betting Genius website.

Several betting tools to play with

There’s support for several betting tools that you can make use of, such as arbitrage finder for detecting arbitrage situations, match prediction based on home and away teams, betting systems, handicaps, team strength and players, prediction history for viewing the progress and accuracy of the predictions, betting system analyzer (useful for punters), and ticket manager (tracking the progress and managing the profit of single or multiple bets).

Bottom line

All in all, Betting Genius comes with an impressing suite of sports management and prediction tools but the GUI is not highly intuitive so rookies may spend some time getting used to working with its features.

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Last updated on October 4th, 2014
Betting Genius - The main window allows you to view information about and manage your leagues.Betting Genius - The Betting Tools menu provides options for managing your bets and match predictionsBetting Genius - You can access the Teams section when you want to manage your teams in a given league.Betting Genius - The Fixtures/Predictions menu lets you manage the match data of the current league.Betting Genius - In the Scores section you can add, edit or delete scores and recalculate your match predictionsBetting Genius - The Players menu lets you manage the players of the current teams in the league.Betting Genius - In the Data section you can change league settings, betting systems, and perform various statistical calculations.Betting Genius - In the first tab of the  League Settings section you can choose between various sports (rugby, soccer, American football, baseball, etc. )Betting Genius - The Betting System tab in the League Settings menu allows you to enter various options for your bets.

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