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An intuitive and easy to use application that helps you virtually configure any network of routers, adapters, switches and hosts

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In order to create an optimal network connection, you need to plan it ahead. Before actually setting up the network, it is recommended to simulate the connections of each router or switch, so that you will not encounter any difficulties.

CCNA Network Visualizer is an application that can help you do just that. It helps you simulate a network connection with ease, in order to see the best way to connect hosts, routers or switches. The program initially requires Internet connection for authorization, after which it can be used offline.

Handy and intuitive network planning tool with user-friendly interface

The application helps you simulate a network, by connecting and configuring each virtual router, switch or host. By doing so, you are able to set up a network layout before actually connecting each device.

Furthermore, the program features a few built-in router and switch models, so that you do not have to configure one every time you add it. All you have to do is to select any of the open ports of a router or switch and connect it to other available ports of your devices.

Reliable and seamlessly easy to use network simulator

With the help of CCNA Network Visualizer, you can easily setup a virtual network layout, before considering connecting each physical device. The layout created has a multitude of uses.

For instance, you can print it and send it to a network administrator in order to analyze it and check if there are any misleading or improper connections.

A sturdy and dependable virtual network layout planner that offers built-in device characteristics

To draw a conclusion, CCNA Network Visualizer provides you with a stable environment for network simulations, as you can easily set up a virtual network layout and analyze each connection between hosts, routers and switches, before physically setting up it up.

CCNA Network Visualizer was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 30th, 2014
CCNA Network Visualizer - CCNA Network Visualizer allows you to easily configure a network of routers and hosts.CCNA Network Visualizer - By right-clicking on the main window, you can create connections between various routers and switches.CCNA Network Visualizer - From the File menu, you can open previously saved configurations or print the current network layout.CCNA Network Visualizer - screenshot #4CCNA Network Visualizer - screenshot #5CCNA Network Visualizer - screenshot #6CCNA Network Visualizer - screenshot #7CCNA Network Visualizer - screenshot #8CCNA Network Visualizer - screenshot #9

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