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A CNC lathe machine simulation tool especially designed to help beginners understand CNC programming and testing their source code

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CNC Simulator is a comprehensive utility that enables you to simulate a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. It is designed to assist machinists in learning about g-code writing and CNC programming, while also providing them with a way to test their instructions and commands.

The application features an intuitive interface, comprising two separate panes, one for writing the g-code and the other for previewing the result. The 2D simulation enables you to view the path that the CNC lathe machine follows as the instructions are executed one by one. Alternatively, you can preview the result of the CNC program in 3D using the OpenGL technology.

The currently active command is highlighted, so that you can easily find any error that might occur and the operation parameters can be viewed in the main window. The debugging mode allows you to identify execution errors in your code.

The main window comprises options for controlling the simulation playback, enabling you to start, pause or stop the procedure, as well as jump forward to a new step.

The built-in code editor features syntax highlighting, line numbering, auto completion and reformatting, allowing you to customize the font style and the coding colors for both the text editor and the debugging window for break and execution points. In addition to this, you can modify the appearance of the workpiece, the simulator screen background and its effects.

CNC Simulator can be used in automation engineering for debugging and testing g-code programs and viewing the path of the Lathe machine prior to proceeding to the implementation process. By allowing you to view the simulation side by side with the code, it helps you quickly identify errors and wrong configurations that can result in making the workpiece useless.

CNC Simulator was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on December 10th, 2013
CNC Simulator - The main window of CNC Simulator enables you to start creating your simulation.CNC Simulator - You can easily run your simulation by using the designated menu.CNC Simulator - To reformat text or access the tol library you will use the Tools menu.CNC Simulator - screenshot #4CNC Simulator - screenshot #5CNC Simulator - screenshot #6CNC Simulator - screenshot #7CNC Simulator - screenshot #8CNC Simulator - screenshot #9CNC Simulator - screenshot #10CNC Simulator - screenshot #11

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