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This easy to use application allows you to learn and practice the basic concepts and operations about creating programs with C++

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CPP Buddies is a practical tutorial collection that aims to provide you with the resources required for learning about the C++ programming language.

The program allows you to study the basic concepts that are included in both simple and complex applications and learn about arrays, pointers, strings, functions and object orientation.

Since C++ is a widely used programming language, you can find documentation and other resources on the Internet. However, reading about the programming language can be quite difficult for those who want to learn everything without prior knowledge.

This program aims to help you learn C++ basics by providing you with multiple tutorials that guide you through each required step. All tutorials include detailed instructions and some of them provide you with snapshots or examples.

When you open a new section, the content of each page is read out loud which allows you to focus on the snapshots or examples. While some windows carry a 'Mute' button, on others this feature cannot be disabled. This can be quite annoying or even prevent you from understanding the text.

Besides the tutorials, the program includes code samples that can be used to understand frequently used functions and methods. For instance, you can view how to convert temperature or check prime numbers in your applications.

After reading or listening to the tutorials, you can test the acquired knowledge by using the Practice Questions. Although you only have a few of them, they manage to provide you with detailed answers which should help you understand the used methods.

If you are just starting to learn C++, the CPP Budies can help you understand the basics or test your knowledge.

CPP Buddies was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 26th, 2014
CPP Buddies - CPP Buddies comes with a set of code samples that can help you understand how the C++ language is used.CPP Buddies - CPP Buddies allows you to read about the structures in C++ and gather basic information concerning the usage of this language.CPP Buddies - screenshot #3CPP Buddies - screenshot #4CPP Buddies - You can select the topic you want to learn more about from the main window of CPP Buddies.CPP Buddies - You can learn more about how to write code in C++ and access the code samples using CPP Buddies.CPP Buddies - screenshot #7

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