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The interactive notebook for the construction of geometrical objects

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Cabri II Plus is a dynamic geometry software solution that comes in handy for both math teachers and students. Providing you with a virtual learning environment, this interactive tool can assist you in learning high-level math concepts.

The learning curve is smooth and students can also use the built-in assistant to learn how things work. You can use Cabri II Plus to draw and manipulate all sorts of geometrical figures, from simple lines, circles or triangles to complex 3D shapes.

Create intersection points, add lines, segments, vectors or polygons, circles and arcs. The program allows you to build the geometrical structure by automatically generating perpendicular or parallel lines, drawing angle bisectors or measure angles using the virtual compass.

You can freely manipulate objects, make conjectures and perform calculations. The application can be used for solving symmetry, reflection and translation problems, rotate objects, measure areas, distances, lengths and angles and solve equations.

Cabri II Plus eases the learning process, as students can add labels to their figures, define and evaluate expressions, mark angles and attach pictures to their drawing. Furthermore, the program allows you to easily draw graphs for different functions, as well as display loci of points or objects.

The software comes with a fully customizable appearance, enabling you to change text style and use the dynamic palette to adjust the object colors. In addition to this, it can easily record a session as you use the program, a feature that comes in handy mostly for teachers.

The figures you create can be transferred to TI graphing calculators or exported to Word and PowerPoint documents.

Overall, Cabri II Plus is a great replacement for the traditional pen and paper, allowing students to explore space and learn geometry in a whole new and more interactive way.

Cabri II Plus was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 23rd, 2014
Cabri II Plus - The main window allows users to draw, edit and analyze various geometrical figures.Cabri II Plus - This menu enables users to create points in unnocupied space, on objects or at an intersection between objects.Cabri II Plus - Using this menu, you can create lines, segments, rays, vectors as well as triangles, polygons and regular polygons.Cabri II Plus - Users can construct circles, arcs or cones defined by a centre point and a radius.Cabri II Plus - This menu allows you to draw perpendicular or parallel lines, midpoints, perpendicular or angle bisectors.Cabri II Plus - You construct the image of an object, reflected in a line, segment, ray, vector, axis or side of a polygon.Cabri II Plus - Using this menu, users can create macros defined by initial and final objects.Cabri II Plus - Users can issue reports to find out if three points are colinear or if lines are parallel, perpendicular or equidistant.Cabri II Plus - This menu can be used to analyze the distance or length between objects, as well as the area of objects.Cabri II Plus - Using this menu, you can add labels to objects or text comments and expressions.Cabri II Plus - You can hide objects objects from the drawing area to reduce clutter or change various appearance options.Cabri II Plus - Using the File menu, users can create new drawings, open existing ones, save and even export them as HTML or PNG.Cabri II Plus - The Replay Construction window allows ou to review macros that you created previously.Cabri II Plus - The Edit menu offers general options, as well to refresh a drawing or replay construction.Cabri II Plus - The Options menu gives access to program preferences, tool configuration and languages.Cabri II Plus - This tab enables users to change the number of decimal places and the default measurement units.Cabri II Plus - You can choose the style of the mathematical equations as well as the coordinate system.Cabri II Plus - Users can change the the loci options, such as altering the number of objects in a locus.Cabri II Plus - Using the Default Styles tab, you can change the styles of text and graphics.Cabri II Plus - The Geometry tab in the Preferences window contains options for easier drawing.Cabri II Plus - In the System Options tab you can change the cursor's and menu's font.Cabri II Plus - The Session menu enables users to begin recording a session or to read or print an existing one.

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