Camping Food Planner 3.02

Planning the meals for your trip is as easy as point and click!

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What's new in Camping Food Planner 3.02:

  • Added 'Show ingredients in unit measures' option to report window. This checkbox will cause ingredient amounts shown in all reports to be displayed in their respective unit measures, if provided. For example, suppose you have the ingredient 'ketchup', and the unit size 'bottles' is defined as 250 ml. With this option checked, the ingredient volumes will be listed in bottles in all reports. This is especially handy in the Shopping List report. If an ingredient does not have a unit measure size, then the amount is shown in the selected 'Ingredient units'.
  • Added 'Preview magnification' feature to Report window. This controls the default magnification in the Report Preview window. This setting is saved with the program. The default is 'whole page', but users may wish to set this to 100% or higher to make the text more visible on their screen. This setting can be changed manually as well in the report window itself (the setting change there is not saved with Camping Food Planner).
  • Added new 'Trip report, very detailed' report type. This report is the same as the detailed trip report, but also includes the menu item notes (if specified).
  • Added 'Safe editing' checkbox to the ingredients dialog. Enabled, this option requires you to click the 'Edit' button beside the ingredient name before you can edit the details. This feature may be useful to prevent accidental edits.
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Camping Food Planner - The application is designed to help you organize your camping trip food needs so you do not forget any key ingredient.Camping Food Planner - You can import and export multiple databases from the application's File menu.Camping Food Planner - The Edit menu provides access to the food related items such as the people list, the number of meals and the menu of each meal.Camping Food PlannerCamping Food PlannerCamping Food PlannerCamping Food PlannerCamping Food PlannerCamping Food PlannerCamping Food PlannerCamping Food PlannerCamping Food PlannerCamping Food PlannerCamping Food PlannerCamping Food PlannerCamping Food PlannerCamping Food PlannerCamping Food Planner
Camping Food Planner is a powerfu application that helps you plan you trip menu with great detail. If you're gone for more than a day, everyone needs it, and you have to plan for it.

What makes planning your food requirements so much harder with outdoor activities, compared to average recreation such as the family car trip or vacation, is the overall concern for weight and space and lack of fast food restaurants along the trails.

Plus, running out of food early is never a good thing out in the wilds, unless you are also into Extreme Dieting. Compared to starvation, over-packing is only slightly better as you contemplate dumping the extra 20 pound bag of GORP to the local squirrels on the last day of your trip!

Planning your food requirements for any form of camping is hard work. As more travelers join your trip, adjusting all the food plans gets progressively more difficult. Camping Food Planner is a program where you can enter your trip plans, the travelers, plan your meals, and automatically generate shopping lists and daily meal reports.

The application does all the hard work of figuring out your shopping lists, and can even generate detailed daily trip reports for preparing individual meals.

Camping Food Planner comes with lots of different food and meals, or you can enter your own. You can even share your recipes with others right from the program. We collect the submitted food data and publish regular updates with the latest food data for everyone to use.

Last updated on July 7th, 2009

Runs on: Windows All

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