Class Action Gradebook Homeschool Edition 12.3.0

An easy to use solution for class and subject management
Class Action's Homeschool Edition is designed for homeschool students and their parents. All of your students can be included in a single "class" with different assignments for each level. For easy access, your class will have a tab for each subject you teach. Subjects can be organized into assignment categories, such as classwork, participation, and tests, and grades can be calculated on a weighted or unweighted basis.

Scores can be entered and displayed as points, letters (or rubrics), or percents. Assignments can be excused and marked late. You can create custom attendance codes to meet your needs.

Class Action is extremely flexible: Any part of your class configuration, including students, subjects, assignment categories, attendance codes and dates, and grading system can be altered at any time.

Reports can be printed, emailed, or (using our Web Service) posted on the web. They include report cards, student reports, subject reports, assignment reports, and attendance reports.

Information you enter is automatically saved, and backup files are automatically created to ensure the safety of your data.

Class Action Gradebook Homeschool Edition offers you the complete solution for the management of your studens and their results.

Main features:

  • Weighted or unweighted assignments and assignment categories.
  • Seats can be arranged alphabetically, randomly, in mixed ability groups or in any arrangement you desire.
  • Multiple custom seat arrangements can be saved.
  • Large or small seats depending on your arraignment and screen size.
  • Grades and attendance can be viewed and edited in the seating chart or gradebook.
  • In the gradebook, sort by student name, number, rank.
  • View scores as points, percents, or letter grades or in combinations of points and letters or points and percents.
  • Customizable grading. Different systems for different subjects and classes.
  • Drop low scores from any category.
  • Curves scores.
  • Auto-Save. Auto-Calculate. Auto-Backup.
  • Integrated attendance.
  • No limits on students, classes, assignments, assignment categories.
  • Excuse assignments.
  • Password protection.
  • Carry averages or points to new grading period.
  • Track missing assignments.
  • Dropped students can be archived, which preserves their grade when they dropped.
  • Class statistics can be viewed with a mouse click.
  • Export scores and grades to spreadsheets for custom display and processing.
  • Transfer students and assignments from one class to another.
  • Answer the question "What do I need to get on the next assignment to get an . . .?" easily and precisely.
  • Automatically synchronization between your computer and Pocket PC.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly class Attendance Reports
  • Daily Journal
  • Ability to Mark Assignments Late
  • Import Assignments from Blackboard.

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Class Action Gradebook Homeschool Edition - This is the main window of Class Action Gradebook Homeschool Edition that allows you to access all the features of the application.Class Action Gradebook Homeschool Edition - From this tab of Class Action Gradebook Homeschool Edition you can easily manage the student information.Class Action Gradebook Homeschool Edition - All the editing commands of Class Action Gradebook Homeschool Edition are available via this menu.Class Action Gradebook Homeschool EditionClass Action Gradebook Homeschool EditionClass Action Gradebook Homeschool EditionClass Action Gradebook Homeschool EditionClass Action Gradebook Homeschool EditionClass Action Gradebook Homeschool Edition

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