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This intuitive and effective application wad developed to function as a baseball manager, fan team stats tracker and game scorer

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CoachStat Baseball is a user-friendly and reliable piece of software developed to assist baseball enthusiasts, players, coaches and other individuals interested in the game, in keeping track of the performance of your favorite team.

Simple and practical appearance

The application features a fairly neat and approachable user interface, the main window functioning as a start menu which allows you to set up the details of the competing teams or choose the home team.

The buttons on the right-side of the screen enable you to also view the current standings, plan future games and practices and add them to the ‘Calendar’ or make an inventory of the teams’ items.

Add, manage and edit baseball teams and players then organize their schedule

CoachStat Baseball lets you add each team that you wish to monitor, along with its school, city or sponsor, the league it is a part of and the division, its address and even the logo it plays under.

Similarly, you can add the ‘Players’ and the ‘Coaches’ for each team, including their name, address and contact details, the former also enabling you to enter information about the uniform, positions they appear in, bats and throws, even the date of birth or a set of personal notes.

The ‘Games / Practices’ section of CoachStat Baseball lets you view, edit and add upcoming events for each team, as well as their schedule and location. These can all be displayed in the ‘Calendar’, for easier monitoring.

Moreover, the program is able to keep the inventory of items for each team, handy particularly for coaches or game organizers. The ‘Forms - Extras’ button allows you to access a series of printable files which can serve in keeping score, the batting order or the pitch count.

An intuitive tool for baseball enthusiasts

To conclude, CoachStat Baseball is an interesting and useful utility dedicated to a wide array of baseball fans, regardless of your role (as either spectator, participant or other), enabling you to track the activity of one or more teams throughout the season.

CoachStat Baseball was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 25th, 2014
CoachStat Baseball - The main window of CoachStat Baseball allows you to add or edit the playing teamsCoachStat Baseball - The Team Screen enables you to input the competing teams and their particular details, such as sponsor or home fieldCoachStat Baseball - In the Team Personnel window, you can add the players and the coaches for the dueling teamsCoachStat Baseball - screenshot #4CoachStat Baseball - screenshot #5CoachStat Baseball - screenshot #6CoachStat Baseball - screenshot #7CoachStat Baseball - screenshot #8CoachStat Baseball - screenshot #9CoachStat Baseball - screenshot #10CoachStat Baseball - screenshot #11

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