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A useful application that is meant to provide you with access to educational material from a wide array of topics, in just a few clicks

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Dana is a user-friendly and intuitive piece of software whose main purpose resides in offering you access to various topics of study, so you can advance your personal knowledge in your field of interest.

Basic yet practical appearance

The application displays a simple and accessible user interface, its looks making it easy to handle by anyone, from the first run.

The main window lists the downloaded Decks, allowing you to read, export, edit or remove them, as well as build your own and share them with others.

Download and read the ‘Decks’ of ‘Cards’ or create your own to use as study material

Dana features various topics, such as ‘Photography Terms’, each one being a ‘Deck’ of ‘Cards’, meaning terms and notions that you can review, to gain more insight into that particular domain. Nonetheless, the ‘Cards’ can be edited, if some of the information you find is insufficient or inaccurate, or export them to DANA, XML or TXT files.

Moreover, you can create your own ‘Deck’ about any subject matter you feel others might want to learn about, or just for yourself. You can populate it with ‘Cards’ by inputting the ‘Front Side’ and ‘Back Side’ text, also being able to insert an image.

It is fairly evident that Dana is still in its development stage, as results from the rather small pool of ‘Decks’ as well as ‘Cards’. While it does show promise of future progress, it currently serves best as a study tool, since you can create our own notes and learn by reading them repeatedly.

A useful educational utility

To sum it up, Dana is a handy and easy to use program meant to offer you the ability to expand your knowledge about various topics, by reading or studying the provided materials or building your own and constantly repeating the contents to improve your memory of them.

Dana was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 18th, 2014
Dana - The main window of Dana allows you to browse through the downloaded or created Decks and learn about various topicsDana - When accessing a Deck, you can view the available Cards and read the information they provideDana - Each Card can be read as well as edited to suit your particular learning needsDana - screenshot #4Dana - screenshot #5Dana - screenshot #6

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