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Define various geometric shapes and use data to solve complex expressions by writing down code and compiling operations with this application

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Undoubtedly one of the most difficult subjects in school, math helped shaped the world we live in through accurate calculus and design. It takes time to get to the result, with a high risk of errors for complex expressions. Dedicated to what the name suggests, Descriptive Geometry puts a powerful environment at your disposal to solve expressions and get a visual representations in the blink of an eye.

Some degree of programming knowledge required

In terms of visuals, the application sports a simple design, with toolbar elements you can move around to make the workspace suit your style. Multiple panels are at your disposal to write down code, navigate through project elements and view corresponding graphical representation.

Besides a few requirements in terms of resources and disk space, you also need some degree of programming knowledge. This is because the application is built with C syntax support, which is also the way in which the process works.

Similar to an IDE, your workspace is fitted with a syntax highlighter for easy code identification. Colors can be customized, both for code elements as well as for the drawing itself. However, a few more tolls are at your disposal to reduce code writing to a minimum.

Define shapes through simple controls

Sooner or later you need to put your programming language skills to good use. This is because drawing only helps you define various shapes, lines or points. Any calculus needs to be written in code, but go through documentation first, because it's not your basic C input.

What's missing is a line numbering feature and you can easily get lost in functions. On the other hand, search options let you quickly jump to specific positions or look for certain words. When all is done, you can compile the code to check it for errors, with faulty lines highlighted, but to hints as to what exactly is wrong.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Descriptive Geometry is not for everyone to use and if you're looking for a utility to make geometry your friend, this is not the one. The design is pretty simple and not a lot of programming knowledge is required, with the possibility to simply draw shapes for visual feedback and exporting to file.

Descriptive Geometry was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on February 24th, 2015
Descriptive Geometry - The main window of the software allows you to use both programming and your mouse to draw a function.Descriptive Geometry - You can choose to activate mouse drawing in the View menu in the main window.Descriptive Geometry - In the Program menu, users can run, stop, pause or recompile a program.Descriptive Geometry - By using the "Ctrl+H" shortcut, you can access a list of commands for mouse drawing.

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