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Dexios Bible Study Tool

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Dexios Bible Study Tool is a handy, cross-platform, easy to use application that aims to provide a feature-rich experience to learning the Word of God.

Users can download Bibles and commentaries that are available on various websites and then read them and navigate through their chapters.
Last updated on January 9th, 2014
Dexios Bible Study Tool - Dexios Bible Study Tool allows you to download Bibles and dictionaries so you can read them.Dexios Bible Study Tool - The application offers you the possibility to download from multiple online sources.Dexios Bible Study Tool - Dexios Bible Study Tool allows you to easily navigate from one chapter to another.Dexios Bible Study Tool - You can search for the text that interests you and view the chapter it was found in.Dexios Bible Study Tool - From the Settings tab, you can select your default Bible and dictionary and save the new configuration.

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The application allows users to download Bibles and dictionaries in various languages, from multiple online sources, so they can read them


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