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A simple and efficient software solution that can help you reorganize sentence and paragraph structures in order to get a new article

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Dr Assignment Article Shuffler is an easy to use application whose main function is to assist you in reordering sentences in a text, in order to make it look original.

The program is sufficiently simple to understand and work with, requiring only that you input your source text and choose the preferred mode, either automatic or manual, whichever you feel best meets your requirements.

In the case of 'Automatic Shuffle', you can just press the 'Shuffle Text' button and the utility will quickly and randomly reorganize the sentences and phrases that make it up. The 'Retry' function enables you to view what other reordering options you have and decide which one you like most. You can then right-click and choose the 'Copy' option, so you can paste the contents of the text in another window for further work.

Using the 'Manual Shuffle' mode, Dr Assignment Article Shuffler lets you drag and drop fragments of text from one place to another, thus making it possible for you to move entire sentences inside the article by hand. This way, you can fully decide the order of the paragraphs and position them however you want.

Dr Assignment Article Shuffler is best suited for longer texts, as the shorter ones are more difficult to reorganize and still appear original. However, you should not rely entirely on the functions of this utility, as no machine is able to read and understand text the way a person would, and while it does provide you with the ability to quickly move sections around, it does not change words within them. Additionally, the program recommends that it be used in combination with Auto Rewriter in order to obtain better results.

To conclude, Dr Assignment Article Shuffler can prove to be a useful and efficient application designed to reorganize your text's structure by changing the order of the sentences and paragraphs.

Dr Assignment Article Shuffler was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 8th, 2014
Dr Assignment Article Shuffler - Dr Assignment Article Shuffler is a simple application that helps you reorganize text to make it seem originalDr Assignment Article Shuffler - After shuffling the text, the program displays both the initial version and the resulted article

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