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A simple and efficient application that enables you to quickly create essays and other written papers using online sources and other small tricks

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Dr Assignment Assignment Master is a helpful piece of software that can assist you in swiftly writing assignments, essays or other papers, requiring a minimal amount of effort and returning multiple results to choose from.

The application is made up of several components which work together in order to generate the best possible results, and you will use them in sequence to obtain what you need from Dr Assignment Assignment Master.

The first step is to input the topic or question that you are supposed to answer in your essay, which can be longer or shorter, however you please. The program will then scour the Internet and retrieve the relevant results, displaying the information segmented into paragraphs in its main window, so you can individually choose the ones you want to use.

By pressing on the 'Next Step' button, Dr Assignment Assignment Master will begin to look up synonyms for the various words in the text, allowing you to manually select the ones that fit the context from a drop-down list of options. Afterward, the utility lets you shuffle the various sentences either by hand or randomly, to change their order or better suit the requirements of essay writing.

Subsequently, the tool enables you to perform a series of manual editing operations, so you can correct any mistakes you spot or modify certain elements to make the text your own. Before finalizing the paper, Dr Assignment Assignment Master allows you to choose the preferred referencing style between APA, MLA or Harvard, then you can export the essay to a DOC file.

In conclusion, Dr Assignment Assignment Master is a user-friendly application that enables you to save time, by quickly creating essays and other written tasks on any topic you need, and saving them to your PC.

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Last updated on January 11th, 2014
Dr Assignment Assignment Master - The main window of Dr Assignment Assignment Master allows users to enter the topic or subject of the essayDr Assignment Assignment Master - The Research step enables users to view the sources of information in contracted formDr Assignment Assignment Master - By clicking on each title, users can view the retrieved paragraphs and choose to work with them or notDr Assignment Assignment MasterDr Assignment Assignment MasterDr Assignment Assignment MasterDr Assignment Assignment MasterDr Assignment Assignment Master

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