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A simple and easy to use application that you can use to automatically create essays or articles, requiring minimum input from you

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Dr Assignment Auto Writer is a user-friendly application whose main purpose is to provide you with an automatic means of writing papers and assignments, without having to waste too much time and effort to do it.

Writing can prove quite a difficult task, particularly when you lack the inspiration or the time to be able to put all your interest into creating a great essay or article. Additionally, you do not always have the material resources required for giving proper references and simply searching the Internet not does always return useable results.

Dr Assignment Auto Writer spares you from having to go through the trouble of looking up sources and investigate a subject, or finding the proper references to append to your work. The application is quite easy to understand and handle, requiring a minimum level of user-input.

As such, you only need to enter the 'Topic Keywords' in order to allow the tool to search online and retrieve accurate information, as well as the 'Word Count', which can vary according to your needs. Similarly, you have the option of setting the level of 'Research Depth' as 'Low', 'Medium' or 'High', and you can activate the 'Shuffle Sentence', 'Max Word Density' and 'Text Rewrite / Article Spinning' features.

Dr Assignment Auto Writer also enables you to append 'Bibliography' to your essay or article, which can be displayed in a preferred style, be it 'APA', 'MLA' or 'Harvard'. What is more, you can add up to four images into your text. When done, you can press the 'Auto Write' button and the program will begin creating your text, displaying it in its main window for you to review and copy to clipboard.

In conclusion, Dr Assignment Auto Writer is a useful piece of software that can help you quickly generate essays, papers or other written assignments, using the power of the Internet in the interest of saving time.

Dr Assignment Auto Writer was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 11th, 2014
Dr Assignment Auto Writer - Dr Assignment Auto Writer is a simple tool that enables you to quickly create essays using specific conditionsDr Assignment Auto Writer - The application displays the resulted text and allows you to copy it to clipboard

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