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A tool that will help you learn English.





The Items (words and small sentences) to study may be gathered in 20 Lessons. A starting (Italian-English) sample-file is supplied with the program, but anyone can build its own, adding, canceling and modifying what he wants, using the program provided functions or, even, the text editor he likes (complying with the established fields lengths).
It is typical, if you attend any English classes, to have a word list to rote learning at the end of each lesson. Well, you can copy those words to the program, and it will help you to learn them in a less boring way than the one you are used to do. Each people in your family can have his own structured file.
Last updated on December 25th, 2008
English Studying - The main window allows you to see a complete English list.English Studying - This too also allows you to test your English.

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