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Europe Maps is a resource of physical-geography maps of Europe which you can explore in detail and allows you to save sections of it on your computer

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Europe Maps is an application created to offer you a simple and fast means of exploring the European physical-geographical map.

It’s a browser based application which means that all your interaction with it takes place through the interface of your web browser. It allows you to view the entire map of Europe and zoom in on any region.

When you open Europe Maps you can view the map segmented by longitudinal and latitudinal lines into equal squares. Clicking one of them opens a new browser window that displays the selected region. You get to use two zoom levels.

Europe Maps offers you a nice way of viewing geographical characteristics of the European continent. The map is made out of a large number of images which you can save on your computer with a simple right click and this applies to both zoom levels. Images you select are stored on your PC and named according to compass directions.

What can bother you to a certain degree is the fact that every click you make on the map opens up a new browser window instead of a new tab. This means that clicking on ten segments of the map you get just as many instances of your Internet browser and that can eat up quite a bit of resources, not to mention that it fills up your desktop.

Not having a back button so you can return to the previous zoom level makes Europe Maps a bit impractical when you just want to take a quick look over the map. The map also provides you with the names of some large or important towns that are found in each country but in some cases you’ll find that the names overlap, making it difficult to read them.

In closing, Europe Maps can be a helpful application when you just want to have a look at the general physical structure of the European continent as it does not provide any other features.

Europe Maps was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 11th, 2014
Europe Maps

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