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User-friendly and comprehensive software that bundles an impressive collection of multilingual dictionaries as well as synonym and antonym databases

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Translations can be easily performed online nowadays and dictionary software applications have less and less fans, as a direct consequence. More than often, online translation tools are rough on the edges and don’t always perform a flawless job, especially when faced with technical terms or idioms.

Everest Dictionary with databases is a translation utility that bundles 37 different dictionaries that cover all main European languages. It features synonym and antonym databases, as well as a wide array of medical and technical dictionaries.

Installation tweaks and GUI

During the installation process, you can manually select the dictionaries you wish to be installed on the system.

The interface looks a bit rusty and old, but on the upside, its simplicity benefits all user categories. In order to properly use the dictionaries, the first step is to load the ones you need from the designated window.

Smart search operations

If you select several dictionaries, when you search for a certain word, results are displayed according to the configured dictionary types. You can search for expressions that contain a certain word, whole words, or that start with the search term you entered. The translation speed is amazing, the results are rich and most importantly, correct.

Extra tools to experiment with

More utilities are available via the tray icon. These include a text translator, an Instant Translator for processing words via right-click, a glossary builder and a little game to help you learn foreign languages in a fun way.

An excellent, reliable and comprehensive dictionary

All in all, Everest Dictionary with databases is one of the best we’ve seen in its area. It’s aimed mostly at engineers and scientists, but day-to-day users can benefit from it too. Words can be searched across multiple dictionaries at the same time and the speech agent provides pronunciation for English words.

Everest Dictionary with databases was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
Everest Dictionary with databases - Everest Dictionary with databases is a great translation tool that includes a rich collection of dictionaries.Everest Dictionary with databases - From this window of the application, you will be able to select the dictionaries you wish to use.Everest Dictionary with databases - You can configure the Settings of the application using this window.Everest Dictionary with databases - screenshot #4Everest Dictionary with databases - screenshot #5

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