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Using this application you can design your examination and select from various question types, then you can conduct it from your computer

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The computer is designed as a tool to increase efficiency regardless of your domain of activity. As far as learning and evaluation are concerned, there are various applications available, such as Exam, that enable you to create even the most complex test cases, record exam dates and grades, as well as viewing details in a report.

Design custom questions with documentation and attachments

With only about 5 Mb of space taken on your hard disk drive and little system resources used, the application can run on virtually any configuration. The main window is the gateway to all available features, with an upper toolbar fitted with quick access points to a question designer, documentation, as well as the possibility to take an exam.

One of the first things you might need to do is create questions in order to test someone's knowledge. Hitting the “Designer” button brings up a new window that gives you the possibility to create as many questions as you see fit, ranging from multiple choice with one or more answers, to essays.

You can store questions in topics and have them enhanced with explanations, as well as media files such as images, clips or audio files to offer aid where needed. A total amount of time in seconds can be set for each question, a number of points to be attributed and a negative marking percentage.

Put your knowledge to the test

Another feature the application lets you take advantage of, is going through the actual examination process. This also opens up a new window, hitting the “Start” button requiring you to enter a name and an ID number.

There is no database created with attendants. When an exam finishes, the evaluation sheet is automatically saved to a file under the provided name and date of submission. Similar to the examination process, you can get yourself prepared with the help of study cards, which let you scroll through available questions viewing explanations and right answers so that they get well stored inside your head.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Exam can take evaluation to a new level. It's lightweight enough to run on any machine it's installed on and requires no special training to know how to use. Creating, learning and testing are all packed in a cleverly designed application you might just want to give a try.

Exam was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 13th, 2015
Exam - Exam allows you to create and conduct examinations with various question designs.Exam - From the File menu, you can create a new examination project or you can print it.Exam - The application offers you the possibility to change the font of the questions, as well as the background.Exam - screenshot #4Exam - screenshot #5Exam - screenshot #6Exam - screenshot #7Exam - screenshot #8Exam - screenshot #9Exam - screenshot #10Exam - screenshot #11

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