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You can use this simple and efficient piece of software to quickly translate texts between the English and Russian languages, in just a few moves

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FREE English-Russian Translator is an easy to use application designed to provide you with a reliable language translation tool, so you can quickly convert English texts into Russian and vice versa.

This utility is fairly simple to work and handle, all you have to do in order to translate your text is paste it into the first panel of the main window, then select the 'Translation Direction', either from English into Russian or the reverse.

Another option for adding the text you want to translate into is to type it by hand or load a TXT file containing the phrases you need in Russian / English.

After pasting your text, you can still edit it, remove certain elements or copy and paste additional phrases into the program. When you are satisfied with the contents of the source text, you can press the 'Translate' button. FREE English-Russian Translator will make use of Internet translation machines and almost instantly offer you the text in the target language.

The resulted translation can be copied to clipboard and pasted into another application or saved to an HTML file, that you can later reuse.

FREE English-Russian Translator provides you with the option of automatically pasting a copied text in the source language directly into the main window, as well as auto-copying the translated phrases from the target language.

Moreover, the program enables you to use a proxy server in order to connect to the Internet, allowing you to enter the address, port number, username and password.

While this user-friendly utility can offer you an approximate translation, you should not expect perfect results, as such tools are still a long way from reaching the level of correctness of human translators.

FREE English-Russian Translator is an Internet-powered translation software, that can convert texts between Russian and English, in just a few moves of your mouse.

FREE English-Russian Translator was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on November 20th, 2013
FREE English-Russian Translator - FREE English-Russian Translator is a simple utility designed to quickly convert text from English into RussianFREE English-Russian Translator - The Settings window allows users to automatically paste text in the source language from clipboardFREE English-Russian Translator - From the Connection tab, users can manually enter proxy information, such as address, port and credentials

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