Firefly Watch for Windows 8

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A simple and intuitive application for Windows 8 that enables you to learn more about fireflies and the places where they are sighted

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Firefly Watch is an interesting and user-friendly piece of software created specifically for systems running Windows 8 as an OS, enabling you to keep track of the various firefly sightings on a world map and learn more about the insects.

Clean-cut and appealing user interface

The application features an intuitive and streamlined appearance, much like most of the metro apps out there, making it easy to handle for anyone, on any device.

The main window allows you to browse through the provided information about the project itself as well as articles about fireflies written by scientists in the field.

Learn about fireflies and the latest places where they were seen

Firefly Watch offers you information concerning the ‘Types of Fireflies’, teaching you about the differences between the existing genera. However, the species are not exemplified nor are there images to support the information.

In the ‘Featured Research’ section of the program, you can browse through the available articles on fireflies, being able to view the synopsis of each one, or access and read it in full in your web browser.

Moreover, Firefly Watch lets you access the ‘Firefly Sightings’, helping you visualize on a world map the latest locations where the insects have been spotted. You can find out the precise location and time when they were sighted not only from past accounts, but also from the present, including the ‘First Seen’, ‘Last Seen’ and ‘Max Seen’ date and time.

An educational tool about fireflies

In conclusion, Firefly Watch is an appealing and fun utility that can help you find the best places near your for seeing fireflies in person, allowing you to educate yourself about the insect and learn what is its favorite moment of the day or night to come out.

Firefly Watch for Windows 8 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 25th, 2014
Firefly Watch for Windows 8 - Firefly Watch for Windows 8 is a simple application that enables you to learn more about firefliesFirefly Watch for Windows 8 - The tool comprises numerous articles on the topic of fireflies, written by various scientists in the field

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