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A small application used to create bar graphs, with the possibility to modify the titles, labels, the color and width of the bars

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Free Bar Graph Generator is a software tool developed in order to help people create bar charts, according to their preferences.

The installation process is smooth and uneventful, and upon finalizing it, you are greeted by a simple UI. In this case, what you see is what you get, meaning there are no other options than the ones present in the main window.

Aside from that, the interface is user-friendly, meaning anybody can find their way around it, without encountering difficulties, be they experienced or not.

You can add an unlimited number of categories, by manually inputting their name, the amount and by clicking the “Add Category” button. It is also the possible to change the title and side label, tweak the bar width and select a bar color from a drop-down menu (blue, red, green etc.).

Once all of these configurations have been set up, you have to press the “Generate” button. A new window is going to pop up, which displays your bar graph and enables you to zoom in and out, go to previous or next navigation view, and reset to original. The resulted graph can be saved to the hard drive, in a myriad of formats, including EPS, PNG, JPG, PDF, PS, RAW, SVG and TIFF.

This utility does not put a strain on your computer’s performance, as it uses minimal CPU and memory. Help contents are not integrated, yet seeing how simple it is to work with, it is clear they are not actually needed.

Although it has not been updated in quite a while, Free Bar Graph Generator is a pretty decent piece of software, which can be useful to people looking to create simple bar charts with just a few clicks.

Free Graph Generator was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on January 8th, 2014
Free Graph Generator - The main window allows you to add the categories that will be graphed, along with the title and label properties.Free Graph Generator - The generated bar graph displays every category with its associated value and label.Free Graph Generator - You can use the sliders to modify the position and spacing of the bars in the chart from the Configure subplots window.

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