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A simple to use application that enables you to create timer profiles, in order to measure the duration of your meditating sessions

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Free Meditation Timer is a simple to use tool, dedicated to silently monitoring the duration of your meditation session. The software allows you to set the suggested duration of the meditation, in minutes, then choose whether you wish to reflect in silence or in a relaxing, ambiental musical background.

Create meditation profiles

Free Meditation Timer comes with a collection of chime bells sounds that can mark the passing of time when you are meditating. The swift, delicate sounds can indicate the passing of a certain time interval or the end of the session. Each interval can be marked by one or more chime sounds.

Moreover, you can select a relaxing melody to play in the background, such as the sound of a waterfall. Alternatively, you may opt for a silent meditation and disable the ambient sounds. The end of the meditation can be marked by a Tibetan gong, a piano or guitar sound, as well as a Zen tune. Once you have set the desired options, you may name the current profile and save it, for future sessions.

Count down the meditation time

Once you click on the Start button, the software can display a digital count down clock, indicating the time that remains of your meditation session. The software is designed to run on the desktop, since you keep your eyes closed during the meditation.

While in meditation mode, the software displays the name of the selected profile, the digital clock and the Stop button, which allows you to cancel the session. Free Meditation Timer offers you several relaxing tunes that you can use as ambient sounds or to mark the end of the meditation. However, you can easily transfer your own melodies in the dedicated folder and play them in the application.

Easily monitoring your meditation time

Free Meditation Timer allows you to measure the duration of your spiritual reflection sessions and allows you to mark the passing of time with soothing, delicate sounds. The chime bells are a musical instrument dedicated to produce harmonic sounds, that can complement the relaxation state.

Free Meditation Timer was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 29th, 2014
Free Meditation Timer - Free Meditation Timer is simple to use and it enables you to create a reminder configuration to time your meditation sessions.Free Meditation Timer - The software allows you to set certain time intervals, limited by chime sounds, that you can select from the available set.Free Meditation Timer - The software displays a digital count down clock, indicating the time for preparation and the meditating time.

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