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Using this simple and user-friendly piece of software, you can quickly generate countless words with automatic letter combinations

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Free Word Generator is a lightweight and intuitive application whose main function is to offer you the ability of coming up with valid words out of a series of user-defined letters, enabling you to copy the results to clipboard and use them in games or for learning purposes.

Simple yet practical user interface

Free Word Generator's main window is very clean and straight-forward, which in turn makes it very easy to understand, even for individuals who lack computer skills.

The top field is the location where you can input the letters you want to use, without spaces or other kinds of symbols, like numbers or special characters, while in the lower panel you can view the results.

Type your letters and hit 'Enter' to generate words

After inputting all of your letters (bear in mind the fact that for words containing double lettering, you need to type it letter twice), you can press the 'Enter' key on your computer keyboard and Free Word Generator will almost instantly create the usable combinations, displaying them in a scrollable panel, so you can browse through them with ease.

The status bar of Free Word Generator will display the total number of words, while in the lower right-corner, you have a 'Save Result to Clipboard' function, sufficing that you click on it to copy all entries to clipboard, enabling you to paste them in a document for further work; however, it cannot export them by itself.

Moreover, after generating your words, Free Word Generator provides you with the possibility of filtering your results, either by using a preferred prefix or a suffix; additionally, the utility can match only words with a specific number of letters, so you can fully decide what combinations to view.

Useful tool for creating words

All in all, Free Word Generator proves to be quite a handy and reliable piece of software that assists you in obtaining numerous different words that can be used when learning English, when playing games like Scrabble or any other reason.

Free Word Generator was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 14th, 2014
Free Word Generator - The main window of Free Word Generator allows you to input the letters you want to generate words withFree Word Generator - You can filter the results based on certain prefixes or suffixes to display only the items you need

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