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An easy to use application designed to help you learn or improve the sight reading of the notes on the stave and on the Banjo fretboard

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FreeBanjoNotes is a reliable and simple to use software that is designed to help you study banjo chords and learning how to play songs by notes. The software displays the specific banjo fingerboard as well as a simplified stave, so you can easily identify the notes and the pressure points on the strings.

Simple music teacher

The notes from a stave can easily be transposed on a banjo fretboard, in a multitude of ways. FreeBanjoNotes allows you to learn how to play songs on the specified instrument, without a real teacher. All you need to do is indicate a note on the stave and the software can instantly display its position on the fretboard.

Moreover, it can display all the possibilities of rendering a specific chord, in different tonalities, by applying pressure on a string in a certain point. You may exercise by identifying many types of notes, including sharp and flat versions. The software also plays the genuine banjo sound of a specific note, as you click on it.

Additionally, you may identify notes on the stave, then let the software display them on the fretboard, or the other way around: click on a spot on the fingerboard and the software indicates the name of the chord.

Learn note signs and test your knowledge

FreeBanjoNotes displays the name of the chord, along with its alteration - flat or sharp - and with its translation. In other words, you can read the name of the chord in both letter mode (F4, A5 etc) or in solfeggio mode (Do, Re, Mi etc).

The testing mode implies a timed session in which the software displays a pressure point on the banjo fretboard and you must identify the name of the chord. The software can award full or partial scores, depending if you identified the note correctly, or if you were very close.

Teach yourself how to play the banjo

The software does not indicate the correct position of the hand while holding down strings in order to render a note, but it is a useful tool for learning music theory. Studying the chords and their position on the fretboard can help you transpose any song into a banjo tune, then play it for your friends. Moreover, you can easily discover new ways to play the same chord.

FreeBanjoNotes was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 19th, 2014
FreeBanjoNotes - FreeBanjoNotes is a simple to use application designed to help you study and improve your skills at playing the banjo.FreeBanjoNotes - The software enables you to define a specific chord, then view it transposed on the instrument's string grid, as pressure points.FreeBanjoNotes - The software also offers you an exam mode, in which you can test your knowledge of banjo chords, by identifying the notes.FreeBanjoNotes

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