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A simple to use application that enables you to calibrate your banjo guitar, by repeatedly playing the genuine, correct chord sounds

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FreeBanjoTuner is an intuitive software capable of guiding you through calibrating your banjo guitar yourself. The software can play the genuine banjo chords sounds in order to help you identify the correct note that should stem from the guitar strokes. You may fine-tune your banjo guitar by yourself, within seconds.

Simple to use application, neat interface

FreeBanjoTuner features a clear-cut interface, with the basic chords displayed as separate buttons and a symbolic wallpaper in the background. Clicking on either of the chords buttons causes the software to render the original sound produced by the banjo guitar when stroking the corresponding string.

The software lists the chords that correspond to the strings of the banjo as they are, without any pressure points on the fretboard. In other words, stroking a string of the banjo as it is should yield the same sound as rendered by the software.

Different pitches for orchestra

FreeBanjoTuner enables you to string your musical instrument according to ten different pitches. A pitch is determined by the frequency at which the sound is rendered, and can be acquired by fine-tuning the strings of the guitar. For the banjo chords, you may calibrate the strings in order to resemble the baroque, scintific, France1859, philharmonic or symphony orchestra pitch.

All the pitches are displayed in the dedicated menu, with the name and the frequency level. Thus, the regular sound of the banjo is acquired at 440 Hz frequency. However, you may calibrate your instrument by frequencies ranging from 415 Hz (the Baroque Pitch) up to 460 Hz (the Renaissance Pitch).

Musical tutor on your desktop

FreeBanjoTuner is simple to use and enables you to listen to the correct sound of the original banjo guitar. You may calibrate each of the five strings on the banjo fingerboard, using the continuous sound rendered by the software as guide. Pressing the Repeat button and selecting a specific chord causes FreeBanjoTuner to play the sound in a loop.

FreeBanjoTuner was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 19th, 2014
FreeBanjoTuner - FreeBanjoTuner is a simple to use application that enables you to calibrate the strings on your banjo guitar with little effort.FreeBanjoTuner - The software is designed to play the genuine sounds rendered by a banjo guitar, on different chords and several pitches.

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