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A simple to use application that enables you to correctly tune the strings on your double bass, in order to calibrate the sound it produces

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FreeDoubleBassTuner is a reliable software designed to help you calibrate the sound rendered by your musical instrument. The software is capable of playing notes produced with the genuine double bass, in repetition mode, so you can get accustomed with the correct sound, then tune your instrument in a short time.

Original double bass chords

FreeDoubleBassTuner offers you the possibility to listen to the sounds produced by a calibrated double bass, in their natural pitch. The chords corresponding to each string are E1, A1, D2 and G2, all from the major tonality. The chords are rendered by touching the corresponding string without applying pressure points on the fretboard.

The Repeat function is designed to make the software play the selected chord continuously, in order to guide you in obtaining the correct sound from your instrument. Simply enable the Repeat option, then select either of the chords and the software can play a flowing sound.

Concert pitches

When playing the double bass in a musical group, with several other instruments, it is important that the sound of your bass blends in perfectly with the others. This is why the software allows you to calibrate your double bass according to multiple frequencies, corresponding to different pitches. The pitches are suggestively named: Baroque, France1859, Scientific, New Philarmonic, Concert, Boston Symphony Orchestra, New Berliner Philharmonic, Old Philarmonic or Renaissance pitch.

Each of these modes are set to a different frequency level, ranging from 415 Hz (the Baroque pitch) to 460 Hz (Renaissance pitch). The default frequency corresponds to the concert pitch, at 440 Hz. Selecting either pitch allows you to fine tune the sound produced by your double bass.

Easily calibrate your musical instrument

Just like any instrument with strings, a double bass requires periodical calibration, due to usage. Thus, FreeDoubleBassTuner offers you the means to quickly and correctly tune your musical instrument, according to your requirements. The software can render the genuine double bass chords sounds, in several different pitches, as well as a dedicated function for repeatedly playing the sounds.

FreeDoubleBassTuner was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 26th, 2014
FreeDoubleBassTuner - FreeDoubleBassTuner is a simple to use application that enables you to calibrate the sound of your double bass in a short time.FreeDoubleBassTuner - The software can render the sounds of the genuine double bass chords, tuned according to several orchestra pitches.

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