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A reliable application that enables you to re-tune your guitar by clicking the buttons and using the sound of the tuned string as a guide

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FreeGuitarTuner is a simple to use application that enables you to re-tune your guitar strings, using the original sounds of correct chords as a guide. The software allows you to repair the stretch of the classical 6-string guitar, and offers several different pitch modes, according to which style of music you wish to play.

Re-tune your guitar by yourself

The sounds that stems from the strings of a guitar depends on the correct stretch of each line. Manually re-calibrating the strings of a guitar can be a difficult job, since you need to remember the correct sound, with high accuracy. FreeGuitarTuner offers you the genuine sounds of a calibrated guitar, so you can use them as a guide and repair your own instrument.

The software offers you the original guitar sounds and allows you to calibrate each of the six strings on the classical guitar. By default, the software enables you to listen to the E2, A2, D3, G3, B3 and E3 notes on the basic scale. The notes correspond to an individual string, starting with the bottom E2.

Different pitches

The software is capable of playing the sounds on several different frequencies and pitches, in order to obtain special audio effects. The multiple pitch modes are named according to their source of inspiration, including: Baroque, Scientific, France 1859, New Philarmoic, Boston Symphony Orchestra or New Berliner Philarmonic.

Moreover, the software can play a specific sound on demand, at the click of your mouse, or it can render it in a loop. Thus, you can hear it continuously and easily re-tune your guitar, string by string. You simply need to enable the Repeat function, and let the software play the selected note in a loop, until you select another chord or you disable the function.

Useful application for fine-tuning your musical instrument

Re-calibrating a guitar without a correct sound sample can result in over stretching the strings and obtaining an inaccurate chord. FreeGuitarTuner can offer the original classical guitar string sounds, calibrated for the basic scale, but also for several other pitch modes. Thus, you may fine-tune your guitar for many types of songs and tonalities.

FreeGuitarTuner was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
FreeGuitarTuner - FreeGuitarTuner is a simple to use application designed to help you re-tune the strings on your guitar, without effort.FreeGuitarTuner - The software offers you multiple types of pitches that you can use as tune examples and obtain different tonalities.FreeGuitarTuner - FreeGuitarTuner is suitable for re-tuning your classical guitar, but also several other models, thanks to the pitch variations.

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